PEM Products and Solutions



In addition to PEM’s full OEM services, we now offer products for purchase including linear and rotary actuators, electric motors, and control boxes.







Power Engineering and Manufacturing (PEM) offers both full OEM services for actuator control products and semi-customized linear and rotary actuators, electric motors, and control boxes for purchase. You’ll find PEM solutions in products that encompass industries from agricultural and industrial to patient care. We’ve earned a reputation among Fortune 500 companies for quality, value and service worldwide based on our ability to provide motion to devices, equipment and instruments that is cost-effective and reliable.


We’re proud of our continual partnerships with customers. Such collaborations have led to a range of motion technology solutions with applications requiring hydraulic controls, engine throttle controls, damper controls, HVAC, mechanical lifts and positioners, automation, and more. Like our existing customers, you can benefit from our decades-worth of experience in mechanical, electrical and software engineering and manufacturing, custom design and precision control systems expertise.  Our approach to working with customers is personal, responsive and dependable.

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